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Beginners Acrylic Course

This course is suitable for complete beginners, you will learn all about the theory, anatomy, nail/skin diseases and disordersThe chemistry behind a liquid and powder system and of course application of the products. We teach both tip and sculpting form methods. You will learn how to create natural, french and ombre nails with the correct structure for a strong beautiful looking enhancement. You will learn how to infill and maintain the nails and how to safely remove them. Health and safety for both you and your clients and record keeping is also covered and your next steps as a nail professional. You will be expected to complete case studies and pass a theory test before being awarded your certificate.

The course is 3 days and the cost is £550  (includes basic kit)

Hard Gel Conversion

Qualified in acrylic, but fancy adding Hard Gel to your services?. If so this course is the perfect way to learn the art of Hard gel application. We cover both natural nail overlays and extending with tips and forms. You will learn the chemistry of Hard Gel, safe working practices in regards to gel products and of course application and removal techniques. You will learn about different gels and there uses and try both natural, french and ombre techniques. We will cover the use of hypoGEL 3in1 gel during the day however your certificate is non brand specific. 

The course is 1 day and the cost is £175

(includes hypoGEL 3in1 gel)

 lamp can be purchased separately 

Gel Polish Course

This course is suitable for complete beginners and those wishing to convert to the hypoGEL system. We use the hypoGEL products on our courses however the certificate is not brand specific. We will cover theory  and you will learn all about gel polish and the chemistry, health and safety and safe working practices when using a gel based product. You will learn how to perform a 'dry manicure', how to correctly apply french and coloured gel, how to adapt services to client needs and how to safely remove them. Beginners will be required to stay an hour longer and complete some home study. 

The course is 1 day (appox 4 hrs) and the cost is £130

 (hypoGEL products to be used) 

Lamp and products can be purchased separately

Builder Gel Overlays Course

This course is suitable for beginners as it includes the 'dry manicure' technique or Gel polish techs wanting to add builder gel to there services. On your course we will use Flexi B builder gel, which is a soft soak able builder gel. This system is perfect for natural nails and you can also repair breaks and do short extensions with it (if you qualified to extend). We cover everything from prep, application/infills and removal and you will learn all about the chemistry, health and safety and safe working practices when using a gel based product. In addition to this we recap on all basic theory and relevant A&P etc. Beginners will also need to complete some home study.

The course is 1 day (approx 4 hrs) and the cost is £150

 (Flexi B Clear and Cleanse It included)

Lamp can be purchased separately

Basic Gel Nail Art Course

This course will cover lots of nail art techniques using gel polish.

From basic designs for beginners to more advanced techniques. 

Example of techniques covered - fine and chunky glitter application, dotting tools and hand painting techniques, stamping, foils, foil embossing, gel ombre, marbling, inks and encapsulating!

Aside from having lots of fun you will walk away with lots of new ideas which are sure to impress your clients. 

The course is 1 day (approx 4 hrs) and the cost is £120

 (Products provided for use on the day) 

Acrylic Skills Course

Up your acrylic game with this complete acrylic skills masterclass. 

Techniques covered in this class will range from basics such as nail prep, ratios, perfecting ombre blends, form fitting for the perfect structure to more advanced techniques such as colour blocking, crisp smile lines and encapsulation. You will leave this course with renewed confidence and lots of new techniques to add to your services. 

The course is 1 day (approx 4 hrs) and the cost is £120

 (Products provided for use on the day) 

Efile Course

Want to speed up your services? want to give your wrists a rest

Efiles are the perfect tool to speed up treatments and prevent repetitive strain injuries caused by repeated filing. You can reduce length, bulk, shape and neaten up the cuticles for a perfect finish to your nail services. You will learn about the correct set up of your efile, which bits to choose for different purposes. Correct speeds to use and control for a safe service for you and your client and lots more! 


The course is 1 day (approx 3 hrs) and the cost is £100

 (Efile & bits required for training)

. We offer a bundle of bits and our efile will be available soon